Typical Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes – The Top 11 Mistakes

When very first discovering to ride horseback, there are numerous typical errors that brand-new riders make. Here are the leading 11 newbie horse riding errors and how to repair them.

1 – Hands in the Air

This leaves the reins a lot too long, as well as the rider after that has no control of the steed. Or, the rider permits the reins to move through their lifts and hands their hands to make contact, rather than reducing the reins.

The Fix: Work on following the motion of the horse with your seat and core. Adjust the reins if the horse pulls them loose. As in the photo, there must be a fictional straight line that goes from your elbows, lower arm, wrist, hands, reins and to the bit in the horse’s mouth if you are direct reining.

2 – Gripping Tightly With Your Legs

Clenching with your upper or lower leg or both is strenuous and might be comprehended by your horse as a hint to move forward. Gripping and clenching will make your body tense, which can impact your horse’s mindset.

The Fix: When you being in the saddle, allow your leg to hang from the hip. Keep your foot under you, rather than enabling your leg to swing to the front or back.

3 – Standing Tippy Toe

This typically occurs when riders initially discover to publish the trot. This leads to a bad-tempered horse and an out of balance, uneasy rider.

The Fix: Work on your leg position. Keep your lower leg still, with your feet under you as if you were basing on the ground with your knees a little bent. Find out to utilize your core muscles to assist you publish the trot and not your feet.

4 – Ramming Your Feet Into the Stirrups

Having your feet rammed too far into the stirrups is uneasy, and can be hazardous if you’re not utilizing security stirrups or using correct boots.

The stirrup needs to simply strike your ankle bone when your legs are hanging complimentary with your feet out of the stirrups. Work on correct leg position.

5 – Slouching

It’s difficult to manage a horse while stooped, and your balance will be impacted. Anything that impacts our balance likewise impacts our horse’s capability to do its task well.

The Fix: Sit up directly, however unwinded. Maintain your chin up and also look where you are going.

6 – Drawing up Your Knees

When they initially get in the saddle, numerous brand-new riders look as if they’re sitting in a chair. Their knees are prepared and their heels might be up, or they might be forced down, with their feet pushed forward. Some riders appear like they are attempting to mimic jockeys.

The Fix: This resembles clenching with the leg. Deal with letting your leg hang down from the hip, and keeping the appropriate leg positioning. Do not pinch with your knees.

7 – Letting the Reins Slide

Horses move their heads when they move, and if a rider does not accommodate this motion, they will have the reins pulled through their hands. This leaves the rider with little contact on the bit, or capability to hint the horse with the reins appropriately. The rider then compensates by either raising their hands high up or trying to pull the reins with their hands nearly behind them.

Even at a walk, a horse’s head bobs up and down, so the rider requires to move their arms and hands so the reins do not end up being too long. If the horse pulls forward, such as when it journeys, steps or sneezes over something, discover to utilize your arms to offer the horse more rein, and not let the reins slide through your fingers. As you increase the rate, you will require to reduce the reins, due to the fact that the horse really raises its head up somewhat as it canters and trots or lopes.

8 – Holding Your Breath

When finding out something brand-new, even knowledgeable riders do this. Newbie riders who are tense or are focusing extremely hard, typically hold their breath.

The Fix: Smile, laugh, hum a tune, or attempt breathing in rhythm with the horse’s strides.

9 – Death Grip on the Reins

Pulling hard on the reins can annoy the horse and puzzle as the rider’s legs and seat state ‘go’ however their hands state ‘whoa’. Doing it over a time period will cause the horse overlooking rein help due to the fact that their mouth ends up being desensitized, or they will toss their heads to prevent the pressure and discomfort. If the pulling ends up being too continuous, some horses will end up being balky, or back to avert the pressure.

The Fix: Learn to really feel the mare’s mouth without pulling. As with letting the reins slide and get too long, discover to adjust the rein length as the horse relocations.

10 – Looking at the Horse

Novice riders are typically captivated with their horse and wish to take a look at it, or they’re worried and wish to watch on it. Looking down implies you can’t see where you are going, your head is down and neck is bent, which stiffens your spinal column. Any tightness in your body makes it harder for your horse to bring you.

The Fix: You may have heard that you must look in between your horse’s ears. You truly require to look where you are going.

11 – Disregard for Safety

Prior to you ever get on a horse, ensure you are using a correct riding helmet and safe shoes. Not having regard for security prior to whatever else is possibly the greatest riding error you can make, and one that can trigger the most injury.