Horse Breed American Quarter Horse

Unlike the imported Arabian and Thoroughbred, the American Quarter Horse (stock type) is the earliest making it through American horse type. The American Quarter Horse was crucial in settling the West and had exceptional cow sense for cattle ranch work.

It is thought that the Quarter Horse was affected by the addition of Arabian, Barb, and Turk types through a Thoroughbred imported in 1752 called Janus. The majority of the structure Quarter Horse lines trace back to Janus.

Later On, Peter McCue was foaled in Illinois and is thought about to be the most crucial sire adding to the advancement of the Quarter Horse. Almost 20 percent of the Quarter Horses signed up prior to 1948 trace back to him.

The American Quarter Horse has a particular brief head and sloping shoulder. Quarter Horses are understood for their great personalities and typically stand 14.2 to 15.2 hands high.

Athleticism, speed, and adaptability are qualities had by the American Quarter Horse.

Now, the Quarter Horse is utilized for: Racing, Riding, Ranch work and Rodeos